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Strategic Communications As A Core Business Strategy:
We Connect the New PR & Marketing to Your Business Goals

Strategy+Communications positions strategic communications as a core business strategy to help you reach your business goals faster and easier.  Using communications as a strategic weapon, we build your brand and increase traffic, leads and sales through more clear, concise and compelling communications to your customers and other key audiences.  It's all about traffic, traction and growth.

Every company has a unique story to tell, and we've helped craft it for companies large and small, public and private -- from Apple, IBM, Fujifilm, Ford Motors, Sony, and UBS to, Cache-A, Fastrack Healthcare Systems, Juno and Viaweb, among others. 

With our senior-level "both sides of the editor's desk" experience at leading newspapers, magazines and the world's largest PR agencies, we're a Connecticut public relations agency that knows how to develop great stories about how a company's products and services make people live and work better every day -- and how those stories can move your customers to take action.

What's your company's story?

Take a look at Our Benefits, Our Services and Our Experience pages to see what've done for companies like yours.  Then contact us today for a free consultation to discuss how we can help you tell your story better and get it heard using traditional, digital and social media.  Don't let your story be "the greatest story never told."


Launch a public relations or inbound marketing campaign to:

  • Build your visibility
  • Strengthen your brand
  • Drive website traffic
  • Generate more leads
  • Close more sales

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